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Tom DeVor
Tom DeVor started in politics as a volunteer for Alan Keyes when he first ran for U.S. Senate from Maryland. Later, he was a White House intern for President George H. W. Bush and then for Congresswoman Connie Morella. After college, he was a fundraiser for and assistant to presidential candidiate Pat Buchanan and then a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee. At the age of 28, he ran for State Senate against the current Attorney General of Maryland and for years he had the largest percentage of votes cast for a Republican State Senate candidate in that district. He consequently was the Finance Director for the Floyd for Congress campaign in Montomgery County, Maryland, and raised over $100K in six months for an unknown candidate in that area. In 2004, he and his soon to be spouse, Ginger Clay DeVor (a native Houstonian) moved back to Houston where he became a Precinct Chair and served on the HCRP's Fundraising Committee. In Houston, Tom has worked in sales positions for the Houston Grand Opera, PreCash, Inc. and currently is a real estate specialist for the RSP Group.

Why I'm Running

For years, all of my friends and myself included would describe me as a conservative, Right Wing Republican. It was definitely obvious in the people I worked for and the views I've always held. I've always believed in the traditional strong defense, lower taxes and personal responsibility platform that has been the standard of the Republican Party for at least thirty-five years. But lately, I've watched the Republican Party be redefined as one supporting an isolationist defense without humanitarian concern, low taxes for people only in states which support the leader of the party and personal responsibility except that it doesn't apply to the President of the United States. I think it's horrible. It appears that the voters of CD 7 don't agree with this change in the party, either. When Mitt Romney ran in 2014 he won CD 7 by 21% of the vote but Donald Trump lost by 1%. I'm running to give voters a choice to vote for a conservative in the traditional sense, not the new type which is destroying the Republican Party.

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